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Equipment tracking & mobile wayfinding at St Joseph Hospital

Ubudu hybrid RTLS is used by different services at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital group in order to reduce the time spent searching for medical and non-medical equipment, optimise equipment utilisation rates and help patients navigate in the hospital without getting lost.

hospital bed with Ubudu RTLS tag
medical equipment in hospital


Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group wanted to improve, pilot and simplify the location, movements and management of the medical equipment and patients.

The main criteria for selecting the solution was to have a light, versatile and evolutive system, both on the software and hardware side in order to minimise integration work and total costs.

The solution needs to be user-friendly for different personas to benefit from it including the stretcher-bearers, the nurses, the biomedical engineers as well as the patients in order to help them navigate.


Ubudu deployed its Hybrid RTLS with BLE Smart architecture in order to locate more than 1500 equipment over 60 000 m2 with 2-3m accuracy.

Small wireless BLE Smart Tags are installed on a wide range of equipment including medical equipment such as syringe pumps as well as non-medical material such as wheelchairs and beds.

The same infrastructure of wireless BLE Beacons is used to locate the equipment as well as to communicate with the mobile wayfinding app to help patients navigate in the hospital.

Ubudu RTLS hardware at Saint Joseph Hospital
Ubudu RTLS software at Saint Joseph hospital


Ubudu deployed around 1200 wireless beacons to cover a total area of 60 000 m2 with multiple floors and several buildings and outdoor areas.

More than 1500 equipment are localised with 2-3m accuracy with a refresh rate that is faster when the asset moves than when it is idle in order to save battery life.

It is estimated that thanks to the solution, the stretcher-bearers are saving 1h every day in their work and, thanks to the mutualisation of the equipment utilisation between services, the need to repurchase new equipment each year has diminished.

Now, at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital, medical and non-medical staff do not waste time searching for the equipment anymore and patients are able to navigate more easily in the hospital.

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